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‪Hollywood Finally Ready To Admit That You’re The One With The Sex Problem

It’s been a humiliating year for Hollywood.  So many big names have been accused of sexual harassment.  Thousands of stories of women and men being treated like objects by Tinsel Town elites. The world watched as La La Land lay exposed, baring it’s rancid underbelly of sex crimes, perversion, corruption and debauchery.  Many wondered how the town would recover from such shameful revelations. Many powerful Hollywood stars stayed silent while knowing about the rampant abuse and misconduct. Surely they wouldn’t – and shouldn’t – walk away unscathed. But Hollywood stepped up and did the right thing. They came together to finally admit, to the entire nation, that you’re the one with the problem. It took guts but America needed to hear it. Men all across the Nation, from coast to coast, now know that they need to repent for Hollywood’s sins. The average American man’s long time commitment to their wives and families, their deep faith guiding them to resist the temptation of extra-marital affairs, while raising their children to be God-fearing men and women who respect and honor each other …it’s not enough. Thankfully we have Hollywood to center us, to be our moral compass while we are quietly living our simple lives. Hollywood has saved the day again…let’s just pray this country’s men can stay the course until the next big awards show. /


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