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Kim Jong Un May Have Ability To Consume 13 Diet Cokes Per Day

WPyongyang – Upon hearing recent reports that President Donald Trump could consistently consume up to 12 Diet Cokes Daily, Kim Jong Un Directed his 2nd in command to develop a training program to enable the Supreme Leader to consume 13 Diet Cokes in a single day.  While the UN and other peace agencies have rebuked the effort to develop such programs, Kim Jong Un has continued to develop his ability – despite heavy sanctions. “He is playing with fire,” said one White House official.  Recent reports out of Pyongyang claim Kim has ran several successful tests with his state-manufactured diet cola, “Bubble Drink Light.” An official from the department of Health stated that “if [Kim Jong Un] is able to gain possession of real Diet Coke, North Korea may become a legitimate treat to Trump’s record.” President Trump has been dismissive of reports although inside sources say he has ratcheted up his personal soda regiment just to be safe.


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