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‪BREAKING: Alex Jones Drinks 2 Gallons Of BrainForce Plus™️, Makes Quantum Leap To 2018; Lays Traps For Globalists

The controversial conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones might just get the last laugh. After being told that his latest Brain Stimulation Beverage,  BrainForce Plus Max™️ was considered a Weapons-grade narcotic and was therefor not safe for sale, The Info Wars leader decided to run some tests of his own. Jones locked himself In his office with 3 gallons of BrainForce Plus Max™️ on December 30th. At 3:00 pm central time, he began consuming the beverage at a steady rate. Around 1.7 gallons he started to sense a heightened awareness of space-time, recording that he “can feel the fabric of the universe. I’m going to grab a thread of it…” At that moment Alex jones grabbed his last 2-liter bottle and chugged it frat boy style. The next moment he was sitting in his office on January 1st 4:00 pm. According to Jones, he only had one hour before the The BrainForce wore off. “I had to act quick. I layed out traps for all the globalists and goblins back in 2017. I brought back some frogs for testing as well; Just to check their gayness levels.” When asked what sort of traps he layed, he responded by saying, “like I’d tell you…you’d leak it to the globalist cucks first chance you had.” We asked Jones to provide some evidence of his quantum leap, but he explained that it was all back at the Info Wars lab. BrainForce Plus Max™️ Is available at fine retailers in Laos and Turkmenistan./


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