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Artichoke Tortilla Poised To Be The New Avacado toast In 2018

Millenials and Avacado Toast go together like…Avacados and Toast.  Easily the most popular treat for millenials in 2017, A.T., as the kids call it, was not just food but an experience. Millenial trend setter Zoey Sterling Explains, “Avacado Toast was all the rage in 2017, but we are moving in a new direction for 2018.” Sterling insists it has nothing to do with older people eating it but her instagram says differently. 15 of her last 20 Instagram posts were selfies of her with a middle-aged person eating Avacado Toast In the background. Captions included: “RIP Avacado Toast”, “Welp, A.T. Is Out” and simply, “ew”. “We are exited to rebrand Avacado Toast as Artichoike Tortillas,” Said Zoey, “we aren’t exactly sure how to eat it yet, but it looks amazing with a ‘Valencia’ filter on insta and snap.” The Daily Mire Team did not understand what that meant. /


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