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California Governor Brown Replaces All Fire Trucks With Chevy Volts To Fight Global Warming While Fighting Fires

RLos Angeles – The devastating wild fires are all but forgotten by the mainstream media, but for many California residents, the hard work is just beginning.  While inspecting the damage, Governor Jerry Brown explained to the firefighters that the blazes were a result of Climate Change. Governor Brown insisted they take measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again. While speaking to the press in front of a family’s smoldering home, the California Governor elaborated: “Despite the lead arson investigator’s conclusive evidence pointing to an illegal campfire being the cause, I have a strong suspicion this is the work of climate change.” Brown Continued, “I am hereby replacing all of our fire trucks with zero emission Chevy volts to make certain this never happens again.”  The new initiative is scheduled to begin as early as January 2018.  Jerry Brown is also hopeful of rebranding California Firefighters as “California’s Fire/Climate Change Fighters.” His rebranding efforts have failed to gain support thus far.


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