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Wildlife Protection Agency Issues Scathing Review Of Black Panther Film For Lack Of Diversity Within Panthera Genus

A wildlife conservation group known as “The Catservationists” have issued a brutal critique of the studio responsible for the recent film Black Panther. While the media has been hyper-focused on the “Black” aspect of the Black Panther Movie, The Catservationinsts have turned their attention to the “Panther” side of things. “This movie, if you can even call it a movie, has blatantly under-represented the diverse nature of the Panthera Genus,” said a representative for the Catservationists. “We wonder why the studio neglected to include Panthera Tigris, Panthera Leo, Panthera Pardus, Panthera Atrox and a whole host of other Panthera within this branch of the phylogeny.” The studio has yet to respond to this criticism and it seems the media isn’t taking the Catservationists seriously, but Patty Halberson has a plan for that. “We are scheduling some protests outside major theaters and we will be outside the studio until they answer for this bigoted act. We will be scratching their curtains and leaving half eaten birds and rats at their doorsteps until this is resolved.” With no foreseeable resolution, it appears this is cat fight may just last from meow to eternity. /


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