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Hillary Clinton Beginning To Suspect She Is On The Naughty List After Not Getting Presidency For Christmas – Again

CHRISTMAS MORNING – After failing to earn the Presidency two times, Hillary Clinton took matters into her own hands and solicited foreign assistance from agencies in the arctic.  Despite her best efforts, sources say she has come up short yet again. “I’m beginning to think I’m not as appealing as people have been telling me,” Clinton said, “I mean, I visited 25 different mall Santa Clauses.” Hoping to win the presidency using the influence of Mr. Clause, Hillary Clinton visited multiple malls sharing her wishes with various Santas.

“I sat on lap after lap of crusty old santas.  Some of which were…awkward,” said Clinton, “What do you want for Christmas, little girl?’ they said with a wink.” Sources close to the Clintons report that the presidential runner-up ran downstairs early Christmas morning to see if Santa brought her the presidency. Disappointed, Mrs. Clinton spent the morning pouting in the corner: “Maybe I am on the naughty list or something…” Coco Peppermint, a mall elf who claims to know the real Santa, confirmed that Hillary Clinton is a perennial naughty-lister. She is currently out walking in the forrest…again.


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