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CNN Wants Mulligan As News Van Gets Stuck In Sand Trap On Hole 14 At Trump Golf Course

FLORIDA – “Play it as it lies!” President Trump shouted from the clubhouse of his West Palm Beach golf course. He was watching from afar as the tenacious news crew of CNN sped across the fairway to get a better shot of the President.  The CNN van landed square in the center of the sand trap on hole 14. “That’s a tricky trap,” Trump said, “I usually just lay up and avoid it all together.  I birdied that one about an hour ago.” Meanwhile, across the globe, a tenuous situation unfolds in Iran as thousands gather in cities throughout Iran to protest their current leadership.  Trump’s administration released a statement encouraging the Iranian leaders to listen to their people and to not arrest peaceful protestors.  CNN, still recovering from the sand trap incident, has ignored the protests and instead, turned their focus to a white van that parked in front of them.

“We are real news, Mr. President” – Jim Acosta

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Charles Dharapak/AP/REX/Shutterstock (5941015j)
Jim Acosta Jim Acosta of CNN shouts questions as he waits with other reporters in the rain outside the White House in Washington, as Republican senators leave from the North Portico without speaking to reporters after meeting with President Barack Obama regarding the government shutdown and debt ceiling
Obama Budget Battle, Washington, USA


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