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Kim Jong Un Distributes Certificates Of Completion For His Series Of Motivational Speeches Entitled “Food: You Have Enough”

Pyongyang – They’ve rolled out the red carpet. Actually, all the carpet is red, it’s not really a sign of a special occasion, but for some young North Korean military men, it’s a night to remember.  After a grueling week-long, 14-hour-a-day conference which included various levels and classifications of deprivation, the motivational workshop is complete.  The supreme leader gave a series of lectures to 200 selected recruits who will then give the series of lectures to their communities.  The Conference was entitled “Food: You Have Enough Of It.”  Kim Jong Un used his wit, charm, charisma, and impeccable motivational abilites; along with some light torture and sedation, to teach these young minds the value of not asking for more food.  Tonight is the celebration of their effort, the supreme leader himself will distribute certificates of completion to the lucky 168 young men who completed the course.  They will also get one of those little black notebooks that people around Kim Jong Un are always holding.  Many proud, starving parents are watching their sons proceed across the stage to collect their honors.  Although unconfirmed, it has been reported that free rice may be served at the event. /


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