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Gorilla Channel Expected To Win Big At Golden Globes

“Redefining entertainment,” “Hip, edgy, unAPEpologtically raw,” “Finally, TV is great again,” the reviews are in; Gorilla Channel is the real deal.  Netflix, Amazon and a host of cable networks are all vying for the 3-day old channel.  With Amazon reportedly prepared to buy the programming for a record $500 billion dollars, the creators of The Gorilla Channel are feeling great. “We feel great,” said the Gorilla Channel creators.  The new station arrived just in time for the prestigious Golden Globe Awards and the buzz around Hollywood is it’s going to be a clean sweep for G-TV (Gorilla Television).  “There isn’t a category in the television arena that G-TV won’t win,” said Nicholas Cage, “this is the pinnacle of entertainment…where do we go from here?” With Hollywood’s finest in awe of the new programming, the stars of G-TV remain humble. “We are just doing what we’ve always done, eating, fighting, smashing stuff and pounding our chests. We just wish Harambe was here to see it.”  So do we, Gorilla…so do we. /


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