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Trudeau Refuses To Acknowledge Sexes While Explaining Reproduction To High Schoolers

“Hello ladies and – excuse me. Hello people. I am very excited to be here with you today. Is “you” okay with…is “you” okay? Great! So today we…is everyone okay with me referring to us as “we?” Perfect, just want to be sensitive. Today we are discussing the birds and the bees…which by the way, the bee population has been dwindling as a result of some science lately, but I digress. Where do babies come from? Well, babies are a result of something called reproduction. Reproduction is a fancy word for “people making.” When a ma -…when a person love a woma- person..when a person loves another person they engage in – by the way, is “they” an acceptable pronoun for all of you? Great. When a person loves another person they engage in a process called intercourse. During intercourse one person places his…scratch that, places their reproductive organ in another persons reproductive organ. Now, they have to be different reproductive organs. Current science has discovered two types of reproductive organs though there is no way to know if there are more of them or not. So, two reproductive organs coming together – they have to be different – so one person has to be one kind of reproduction organ and the other one has to have a different kind of reproductive organ. Although it is completely okay for two people with the same reproductive organs to love one another. Are you all following me? So take Person type A and Person Type B, have the two persons engage in intercourse and nine months later, the Person Type B will have a beautiful little Person Type A or a beautiful Person Type B. It’s really that simple.”


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