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Panic Sets In For Writers Of Popular “Trump” Series As Season Two Is Only A Week Away

Hollywood – 11:00 am on the day after Christmas, the writers of the groundbreaking Series titled “Trump” gather to put the finishing touches on the much anticipated season two.  There is a noticeable discomfort as writers sit in silence wondering where to go from here. “We went all out in season one,” said lead writer Adam Patterson. “We didn’t expect it to go this long; we thought, ‘hey we will just impeach him at the end of season one’ but the Russia storyline just failed to develop.” Sitting around a large table, covered in take out Chinese and empty La Croix cans, the concerned writers stare at their empty storyboard on the wall. “We basically fired off Trump’s entire administration other than a few people,” Patterson continued, “On top of that, the viewers are beginning to sympathize with the lead character.  We have to develop an entire new cast AND develop some new story lines.” At one point Patterson asked our team for ideas, citing that he felt unimaginable pressure to live up to the expectations set from Season One in 2017. “We’ve considered giving Kellyanne Conway super powers, making Putin clones, and having CNN enter the nuclear arms race. Nothing seems shocking anymore, to be honest.” Patterson reclined in his chair and sighed, telling his team to start working the North Korean Nuke storyline and the “Clinton Jail thing.”  After a long silence Patterson exclaimed, “We need a love interest!” A junior staffer suggested advancing the Roy Moore story, but the team quickly rejected that idea with a series of moans and cringes. Whatever the team decides they better do it fast, season two is right around the corner and their audience is expecting fireworks. /



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