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Trump Builds Wall Out Of White Moving Trucks

It’s December 26th, Donald Trump is playing golf, CNN’s camera crews are in the bushes filming Trump as he golfs, praying that Putin Skydives in with a signed purchase order for the presidency – or something.  Suddenly, like the alien ship from Independence Day 1 (Maybe independence day 2 but I didnt bother watching it), a white moving truck arrives and blots out the sunlight leaving the CNN crew baffled.  Fast forward 72 hours: CNN has no answers.  Don Lemon wakes up in a cold sweat to nightmares where he gets surrounded by white trucks as they slowly drive towards him…closer and closer.  Meanwhile, back in reality, Trump shoots an 86 and birdies hole 14.  While in the clubhouse, Trump is hit with an idea: “We need 8,000 white moving trucks now!” Hours later, a fleet of trucks depart from El Paso heading for the border. Lined up bumper-to-bumper, the trucks park right along the Mexico/America divide, obscuring the view and thwarting illegal immigration. Donald Trump calls Don Lemon and thanks him for the idea.


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